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MKP BOOKBINDER Thermal Binding Machine

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MKP BOOKBINDER Thermal Binding Machine
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Bookbinder is a thermal binding machine that binds your documents into a book-form. It must be used together with a thermal heat cover / thermal plate with your choice of cover. The thermal cover comes in various sizes and each size binds different capacity of sheets.

It is hassle free and you do not need to worry on losing documents and no additional documents can be added into your important binds such as Tenancy Agreement, Exam Paper, and any other documents related to Private and Confidential use.

  • Entry width: 320mm
  • Binding capacity: max. width 480 sheets / 50mm
  • Estimated heat up time: 3 minutes
  • Cool down time: 30-60 minutes
  • Binding cycle: I-II-III --> 60s/120s/210s
  • Ready indication: Light and Beep
  • LED surface: Yes
  • Auto sensor: Yes
  • Power save: Yes
  • Auto shut-off: Yes (30 minutes)