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Tape Dispenser - Posity (B)

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P3T-M15B, P3T-M15DM, P3T-M15LB, P3T-M15LG, P3T-M15P, P3T-M15YR
Tape Dispenser - Posity (B)
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Item No. Size Per Carton
P3T-M15B 110MM (B) 10 pcs
P3T-M15DM 110MM (B) 10 pcs
P3T-M15LB 110MM (B) 10 pcs
P3T-M15LG 110MM (B) 10 pcs
P3T-M15P 110MM (B) 10 pcs
P3T-M15YR 110MM (B) 10 pcs



Newly developed reel that can be used even with small tape cores